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Kelsey is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the field of holistic wellness. With a background as an herbalist, somatic psychotherapist, and functional medicine practitioner, she brings a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting individuals on their healing journey.

As an herbalist, Kelsey has a deep knowledge of the healing properties of plants and specializes in creating customized herbal remedies to address various health conditions. she is adept at conducting thorough assessments, identifying imbalances, and formulating personalized protocols to promote optimal health.

In her role as a somatic psychotherapist, Kelsey recognizes that the mind and body are intricately connected. she guides clients in exploring the connections between their physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts to facilitate deep healing and personal transformation. Her compassionate and client-centered approach fosters a safe and supportive environment for individuals to gain insight, release trauma, and cultivate resilience.

As a functional medicine practitioner, Kelsey takes a systems-oriented approach to healthcare, investigating the root causes of health problems rather than simply addressing symptoms. Through extensive analysis and advanced diagnostic tools, she can develop targeted treatment plans that address the unique needs of each client. By emphasizing nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and targeted supplementation, she empowers individuals to take an active role in their own health and regain balance in their body and mind.


It's said that the body expresses what the mind suppresses. By sending a different message to the body when we are triggered into survival mode, we can retrain and reprogram our nervous systems response to the world, one that feels more peaceful and calm.

Your nervous system will always choose familiar pain over unfamiliar pleasure. The beauty of this is that we can choose to break this loop and send the body a different message with simple, yet profound tools. When we move into the realm of possibility and curiosity , we can begin to heal old patterns that no longer serve us, reconnecting with the true essence of who we are. The highest vibration we can be in is one of authenticity.

This entails clearing out stuck trauma in the body, shifting our thought patterns and in turn sparking a different outcome in the body. This means we can rewrite our story and move into a more present existence, one in which we can start to experience relationships, work, love, passions, ect. with an entirely new lens.

This is such an exciting idea....we aren't our trauma after all!

Are you feeling ready to release old patterns?

Are you longing to feel more passionate about life?

Is there a voice inside of you saying the choices you're making aren't what your Soul truly wants?

If this resonates with you, I would love to support you on your journey.

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"I always leave feeling so much more grounded, heard and with a renewed sense of direction. Kelsey is a true healer." -Chris C

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"I was able to access a deep stillness in my body and mind felt at ease and with Kelsey's guidance i've been able release what is not mine and begin to rewrite my own story." -Michelle P

Areas of Expertise




Narcissistic Abuse


Hormone Imbalance

Chronic Fatigue/Burnout



Mental & Physical Abuse

Substance Abuse

Breaking Negative Thought Patterns

Chronic Pain/Illness

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plant medicine aids in bringing us back to our connection with the earth

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when we release the trauma stored in the body from the past, we can be more present in our lives

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somatic psychotherapy session: 1 hour


Functional medicine session

First Appointment: $375

Follow-Up: $275

herbal medicine focused psychotherapy session: 1 Hour

$275 + %15 off your first purchase of herbs

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Get in touch



ojai, CA 93023 // Zoom


(415) 306-6008


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somatic therapy

release old patterns

reset your nervous system

get out of survival mode

shift negative thought loops

activate a state of rest & digest

support your adrenal glands

assimilate stress properly


reduce anxiety

improve sleep

boost energy

increase focus

balance hormones

detox the body

funtional medicine

proper bloodwork interpretation

nutritional support

supplement management

address root cause of dis/ease

preventative protocals

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